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Sam Lamanna-Lilley Three Horn Brewing

Meet Sam Lamanna-Lilley, co-owner of Three Horn. From an incredibly young age Sam has always been interested in all things nature. Following his Nana around in the garden he would help with her vegetable garden, he would learn about all the various plants. As an adult however, things got serious. Sam dove headfirst into farming, as assistant manager on a poultry farm at first. Ostrich farming was next. It was while on the poultry farm though that he began bee keeping. 7 years later, Sam is a commercial Beekeeper. With a passion for nature, business and providing the highest possible standard in everything he does. For Sam mead is no different, providing the honey used from Honey Source's very own hives. Sam believes he is one lucky individual who can watch the whole process form production of the honey used, to the transformation you see in our bottles.

Sam Lamanna-Lilley

Zac Lodge Three Horn Brewing

Meet Zac Lodge one of the Co-owners at Three Horn brewing. Zac started his working life as a baker, funnily enough using yeast just in a different format. Zac went on to study and work in civil engineering. Whilst enjoying the challenge and job he admits that being mostly involved in the subdivision world of converting acreage into 400m2 parcels of suburbia can sometimes become a little soul crushing. Three Horn Brewing has provided exactly what the doctor ordered with a place to experiment and create with mead. Zac started brewing as a cheap way to drink though University but quickly learnt that it is much better to take the time and use quality ingredients to create a product that you can want to share with the world. Zac brings to the team experience from the hospitality industry along with professionalism, problem solving and a process focused approach from his current career.

Zac Lodge

Michael Hovey

Meet Michael Hovey the third co-founder of Three Horn. A Lifelong friend of the other boy’s Michael has a home brewing background and brings over 10 years experience in the fabrication engineering trade thus giving him the ability to think outside the box. He is the go-to guy at Three Horn when there is problem to be solved. Michael and Zac have been brewing together for over 7 years, specializing primarily in beer brewing. Some of his favorite styles are stouts, Hazy IPA, amber ale and anything weird.

Michael Hovey

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